The company's products are mainly used in synthetic leather, automotive interior, sanitary materials, building interior and other fields
Leather base cloth
Ball leather

Leather base materials

Niuba leather base cloth, PVA special synthetic leather base cloth, high physical property base cloth (such as ball leather), sea island microfiber base cloth and high shrinkage fiber base cloth (high density), which have the characteristics of super leather effect, soft feel, good air permeability and no hairiness.


01. Acupuncture product series

Microfiber cleaning cloth

Sanitary materials

Island type microfiber wiping cloth, ordinary fiber wiping cloth. The island type microfiber wiping cloth has the characteristics of strong super water absorption, easy dust collection, no trace, no damage and no hairiness after scrubbing. It is mainly used for wiping all kinds of medium and high-grade cars, electronic products and precision instruments.

Filter materials

It can produce 150 ~ 500g / ㎡ filter materials of various specifications.

Facial mask
Non woven wall cloth

Decorative materials

Automotive interior materials, wall cloth materials, etc

02. Spunlaced product series

Leather base cloth

30 ~ 250G / ㎡ various specifications of leather base cloth and microfiber leather base cloth with different fiber ratios.

Sanitary materials

Wet towel series cloth, dishcloth, bathrobe, beauty / health care materials, soft towel roll, disposable tablecloth, sanitary napkin, pad fabric and various diaper materials.

Microfiber leather
Sanitary materials

Epidemic prevention materials

Protective clothing base material, disinfection wet towel, disposable bed sheet, medical operation mattress, mask base material, plaster base material, bandage, etc.

Disinfectant wipes
Protective clothing

The products are mainly used in synthetic leather, automotive interior, sanitary materials, architectural interior and other fields


30 ~ 250G / ㎡ of various filter materials, high-grade packaging materials, automotive interior materials, wall cloth materials, chitin fiber spunlaced non-woven fabrics, Tencel fiber raw material Spunlaced non-woven fabrics, bamboo fiber raw material Spunlaced non-woven fabrics.

Car roof


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