The company's products are mainly used in synthetic leather, automotive interior, sanitary materials, building interior and other fields
Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The development of Hangmin Nonwovens over the past two decades has always interpreted the connotation of the general manager Mr. Zhu Dequan’s saying that "a company is also a social enterprise", and has better organically unified the "mission" and "responsibility". Especially in the employment mechanism, the company adheres to the people-oriented principle, absorbs and supports socially disadvantaged groups as much as it can-the reemployment of welfare personnel in the company, while equal pay for equal work and preferential benefits, it continues to help them build confidence and build a second home. To push hands, guide employees to live a healthy life, and make due contributions to building a harmonious society and a Hemei company. In terms of product development, the company adheres to the benchmark of green and environmental protection, and adheres to high-precision features in the practice of high-quality development, and takes into account the development of individualization. Some non-woven fabrics (GRS certified Products) are getting a good promotion; in terms of energy saving and emission reduction, the company focuses on dual-carbon goals, deploys carbon emission management in advance, adopts active integration and small-step forward strategies, and seeks a soft landing for the future dual-carbon goals in the company; in 2003 In the face of SARS in 2015 and the new crown epidemic in 2020, companies take national interests as their top priority and safeguard people’s lives as their own responsibility. Going to ensure the emergency supply of anti-epidemic materials has effectively served the overall situation of the national epidemic prevention and control work. 


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